Since 1999, SAMsix has been designing and implementing outage management systems, GIS, network analysis and field data gathering tools for some of the world’s largest utility companies and government agencies. With simple incremental investment, we have transformed back-logged processes into real-time reporting systems, reducing costs and restoration times and increasing safety for field engineers and the public.

ARCOS’ acquisition of SAMsix brings together damage assessment, mobile inspection and crew location services with the ability to rapidly activate and manage resources in one solution. Together, ARCOS and SAMsix help utilities arrive faster at a more accurate Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR), reduce costs and restoration time, and increase safety of field personnel and customers.

The benefits of the damage assessment solution are made possible via a mobile application that guides users through the assessment process. As data is gathered, it is displayed on a map and reporting interface which is layered on a utility’s GIS system.

Speak with an expert today to learn more about joining over 25 of the top utilities in the United States that are utilizing ARCOS SAMsix technology to prepare for and respond to outage events.

  • GIS/OMS/WMS/FIELD integration
  • Management and reporting consoles
  • Secure system integration
  • Mobile application firewall routing
Management Console

The Management Console provides management with real-time data during the assessment process after a storm or hazardous event. Using the utility's GIS system and device location services on any mobile device, assessors can rapidly report and transmit damage, which is immediately available through the console to help estimate time of restoration (ETR). Management accesses data via the console to make more informed decisions and more quickly assign resources to jobs.

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub enables the Damage Assessment and Mobile Inspection solutions to seamlessly integrate with a utility’s GIS and OMS products. This provides the opportunity to stream reliable information into other systems – creating real-time data for matching up crews and equipment resources with repair work as prioritized.


The Mobile solution is device agnostic—allowing users to bring their own device (BYOD) such as iOS, Android or Windows. It is designed to allow users full access either online or off-line for navigation and recording data.


The Workstation allows utilities to manage data about the infrastructure such as damage, required resources and jobs in a spatial environment. It is designed with utility mapping workflows in mind and eliminates the need for separate connectivity to other systems.