Mobile GIS for Utilities and Government

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For over 15 years, SAMsix has been designing and implementing outage management systems, GIS, network analysis and field data gathering tools for some of the world’s largest utility companies and government agencies. With simple incremental investment, we have transformed back-logged processes into real-time reporting systems, reducing costs and restoration times and increasing safety for field engineers and the public. Our experience helps target budgets to maximize business process efficiency with:

  • Damage assessment
  • Mobile inspections
  • Mobile repair management
  • Workforce tracking
  • GIS/OMS/WMS/FIELD integration
  • Management and reporting consoles
  • Secure system integration
  • Mobile application firewall routing
Management Console
  • Map-based dashboard with layering, searchable features, filtering drilldown, data export and print
  • Real-time display of network status and crew positions with visual breadcrumb trails
Integration Hub
  • Two-way integration to Outage Management Systems, Work Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems
  • Secure data routing through company firewall
  • Mobile-to-mobile communication and job report/status sharing
  • Device agnostic - Windows, Apple, Android phones or tablets
  • Full off-line capability allowing reporting, redlining and navigation
  • Modules for damage assessment, equipment installation and inspection
  • Network planning and operation
  • Switching order creation and isolation planning
  • Compatible units integration to WMS
  • Schematic and geographic feeder display

We deliver high security solutions in unbeatable turn-around times that our clients greatly appreciate.

ConEdison & ORU
Florida Power and Light
Southern Company
National Grid
Wales & West Utilities
Electricity Northwest
UC Synergetic